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Salt Fish and Scrunchions Cover

Sample pages from "Salt Fish and Scrunchions"

Come with Jack to discover some of the wonderful and unique foods of Newfoundland and Labrador and the interesting names they have!

Book Review in The Telegram - March 5, 2011 PDF

Book Review - 365 Days of Children's Books - Feb 7, 2011


In Newfoundland and Labrador
My home upon the sea
 Our food may seem peculiar
But not to folks like me

Like salt codfish and scrunchions
Colcannon and fish stew
Figgy duff and doughboys
Just to name a few

Page 1

Salt Fish and Scrunchions Page 1

Salt Fish and Scrunchions Page 3

Sometimes when my mom makes bread
She saves a bit of dough
And fries up little round delights
Called toutons, did you know

Toutons rise up fresh and warm
Mom stacks them in a pile
I dip them in molasses
They make my tummy smile!

Page 3

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